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Real Estate


yonyou’s total solution for real estate industry is built on the basis of NC which is a high-end ERP System. Yonyou has built the core business management platform for the real estate enterprises based on the platform framework of the technically advanced UAP software, which includes Tender Management, Project Management, CRM Sales Operation, Property Operation and Group Property Management.


Core Functions

Meet the current needs of cross-regional and multi-project management of the group

Improve work efficiency and strengthen work transparency and collaboration of each department

Achieve information and knowledge sharing across the entire company through smooth and high speed network platform

Integrate management of project, tender, human resources, marketing, centralized finance and decision support to improve professional capability of enterprise

Strengthen financial resource management, financial budgeting, accounting and analytical    ability as well as overall management of capital

Achieve real time information and immediately analyze through the integrated information    system to provide sufficient support for leaders in decision-making


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