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You can find pictures of the winners and the top restaurants of the Guide Michelin 2016 in our photo show

Because before the coveted award is given, test eaters (inspectors) have tested the offers several times. You are employed by Michelin and pay for the dishes. Every meal is recorded in detail. The testers come alone or in pairs, sometimes in groups of three.

They often identify themselves after eating, talk to the cook and take a look in the kitchen. If an inspector is not sure whether a star is to be canceled or re-awarded, they come several times. All have trained in the hotel and restaurant industry. The food is rated, not the trimmings. It’s about the quality of the products, the professional preparation and taste, the personal touch, the price-performance ratio and the constant quality. One star: “A very good restaurant.” Two stars: “Excellent cuisine – deserves a detour.” Three stars: “One of the best kitchens – worth a trip.”

The new restaurant guide will be available to buy from November 13th. The “Guide Michelin 2016” is available in this country for 29.95 euros. 

Three star restaurants in Germany

– “Restaurant Bareiss” in Baiersbronn (Baden-Württemberg) with head chef Claus-Peter Lumpp

– “Schwarzwaldstube” in Baiersbronn (Baden-Württemberg) with head chef Harald Wohlfahrt

– “Restaurant Überfahrt Christian Jürgens” in Rottach-Egern (Bavaria) with chef Christian Jürgens

– “The Table” in Hamburg with chef Kevin Fehling

– “La Vie” in Osnabrück (Lower Saxony) with head chef Thomas Bühner

– “Aqua” in Wolfsburg (Lower Saxony) with head chef Sven Elverfeld

– “Vendôme” in Bergisch-Gladbach (North Rhine-Westphalia) with chef Joachim Wissler

– “Waldhotel Sonnora” in Wittlich / Dreis (Rhineland-Palatinate) with chef Helmut Thieltges

– “Victor’s Fine Dining” in Perl (Saarland) with chef Christian Bau

– “Guest House Klaus Erfort” in Saarbrücken (Saarland) with chef Klaus Erfort

You can find pictures of the winners and the top restaurants of the Guide Michelin 2016 in our photo show.

The new restaurant is fully booked well in advance, and two streets away a shop with a similar kitchen is yawning empty. Not hip – nobody wants to go there. One of the most important consultants and trend experts in Germany, Pierre Nierhaus, explains which trends are important in gastronomy this year. He wanted.de revealed what gourmets can expect soon.

Gastro trends 2016

Photo series with 9 pictures

The cities are crowded with hype, from vegan cuisine and paleo to food trucks and pop-up restaurants that only open for a few weeks. But one thing applies to everyone who serves food this year, according to Pierre Niehaus: “Authentic, genuine hospitality has become a concept for the future in the evenings. Warmth is becoming more and more important, guests long for a place that they call home can call. ” Nierhaus is a hotel specialist and long-time gastro entrepreneur and: He travels a lot. He conducts the interview with wanted.de at London Airport, where he visits the most important locations for him and researches trends with restaurant operators on a trend expedition.

Three megatrends

For many years, the three megatrends in Germany have been “Asia food, Mediterranean and traditional cuisine”. But they are constantly changing.

“Organic is no longer so important for restaurants.” Even on the shelves of discounters there are organic goods at bargain prices – it goes without saying that restaurateurs no longer create attraction with them.

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For Nierhaus, however, a very related topic has become very important: “Regional dishes with a good story, good quality ingredients, a small, selected menu and skill in the kitchen – these are the topics that are at the top this year. ” The guests should be able to trust the origin of the raw material.https://123helpme.me/argumentative-essay-topics/ It is important, for example, that the eggs come from the best breeder in the area, who lovingly and close to nature keep his chickens, or that the ingredients come from suppliers who maintain ancient traditions. People like to tell the guests that. “Storytelling has become one of the most important success factors for restaurant operators – because these stories create a connection with the guest.” >>

In addition, restaurants are on the rise here that no longer need a card. Nierhaus knows the trendsetter: “We went to ‘Burger’ in London today Lobster ‘: There is either an excellently prepared burger or Canadian lobster for £ 20 each. That’s it. “But the shop is so successful that the operators have meanwhile opened two branches in the British metropolis. For Nierhaus, this reflects” the trend towards simplifying the ever greater complexity of our lives “. He is called” carte blanche “, because the offer is so reduced that a menu is no longer necessary.

In Frankfurt, a restaurant with exactly this name has already enjoyed considerable success. In the evening there is what the cook buys fresh every day. What is served can be found on his website and in social networks. On his trend expedition in Helsinki, Nierhaus and the participants visit an in-restaurant that only serves a multi-course menu. Without choice. “The service asks about allergies, recommends suitable wines and off you go,” he says.

Bulgur, couscous and tabbouleh In addition, Nierhaus sees increasing interest in North African and South American cuisine in Germany: the aromatic wheat groats bulgur from Morocco and its relatives couscous and tabbouleh are increasingly appearing on the menus because they taste different, different and interesting they light and aromatic. The same applies to quinoa, the high protein power food from the Andes. In addition, the Peruvian fish dish ceviche (wanted.de reported) is still popular: “This is getting right now,” he predicts the opening of new bars and restaurants. Eastern European cuisine

In addition, a trend towards Eastern European cuisine can be observed not only in Berlin. There, for example, some newly opened Georgian restaurants have caused a stir in the scene.

“This is not a Berlin phenomenon, we will see it in other cities as well,” he comments briefly, “undiscovered kitchens are discovered at some point.” Blini, pierogi and many other specialties from these countries consist of well-known ingredients, but taste completely unusual – that makes this niche trend interesting for curious gourmets.

The comeback of the roulade

But something that has long been known is also being put on the plate: “The renaissance of middle-class cuisine is in full swing. We are cooking again like a hundred years ago, only lighter and with fewer calories,” says Pierre Nierhaus, describing the development. A good example for him is the roulade: “I recently worked with a nationwide hotel chain. In their restaurants, the roulade has become an integral part of the menu.” But restaurants change because their audience changes. Gastro expert Nierhaus describes this trend as follows: “Food is developing more and more towards self-expression. Restaurants are thus becoming a new forum for representation. Essen is increasingly replacing the presentation of property.” The guest wants to be the focus, wants to be cared for lovingly and indulgently, to feel good, relax and enjoy. He orders all the dishes anyway because he doesn’t like this or that. The service has just as much empathy for this as for real and alleged allergies. That’s exactly what’s neither available online nor in fast food restaurants. Everything is there and immediately. But nothing else. You can also see all the gastro trends for 2016 in our photo show.

Go in or not? Many people ask themselves this question when they stand in front of a strange restaurant. But can a good restaurant be recognized by the menu and the furnishings? Our expert says yes and gives tips.

Recognize good restaurants

Photo series with 10 pictures

The internet is full of reviews – but often they have little to do with reality. There are paid jubilation reviews as well as power complainers. But how do you recognize a good restaurant? Dirk Zehren knows the answer. The Berliner has been running his blog www.gourmet-blog.de professionally for over ten years. He makes a living from eating out all over the world and reporting on it. 

The card reveals that

A look at the menu is decisive. Dirk Zehren has developed simple but effective criteria for the assessment: he is invitingly found a neatly posted menu that gives “a clear overview of the dishes”. “I like a clear, small map in which everyone can find something nice for themselves.” He also finds a stylish table with daily recommendations appealing. On the other hand, he says “straight away” when the menu is overloaded, for example with more than 25 to 30 main courses. I find them extremely suspicious. ” The reason: “The risk that half-finished industrial products will end up on the plate here is very high.” Even if small photos can be seen next to the food – “even more gruesome, order numbers” – he avoids visiting.

“If I want to order a number, I go to a snack bar. But never to a restaurant, not even with the slightest claim.”

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He recommends paying attention to the outside as well: “I am skeptical about half construction sites, uncleaned tables, terraces or beer gardens that belong to the house, as well as ashtrays that are half full and dirty shut down.”

The menu box provides information about the service

But he goes one step further: “The box should never be dirty, even – as already experienced – provided with cobwebs, whose spiders have been comfortable there for a few months.” Menus, “whose expiration date has already been weeks past”, also give him a negative image.

“When I read the ‘autumn menu’ at the beginning of December, the matter is done,” emphasizes the restaurant connoisseur. But also advertising for long-ended events and offers or the brunch from the month before last let it go on. “That can be eliminated in a few simple steps.” If the team doesn’t even manage that – how will the service and the kitchen work?

Restaurants like to use the stickers from gastro guides who have given them a recommendation. However, they are of little relevance to him: “They can be useful and provide orientation, but they don’t have to be.” Because the guides only give him tips “which, to put it mildly, are not always one hundred percent objective”. The situation is different with the renowned Michelin stars and the Gault Millau toques: “They reflect a claim that I largely trust. But I am skeptical about the labels of city magazines, for example.”

Recognize indications of a good restaurant

He’s always curious about the unexpected. For him, this includes “elements outside that are unusual, such as stylishly illuminated works of art or the like”. For him, the exterior should “form a symbiosis with the interior design”, but small breaks in style are “absolutely beautiful if they are used skillfully”. An indication of a good restaurant is “a harmonious design” that gives it a feeling: “I would like to spend a few hours of my free time here.” For Zehren, this includes clear lines, light walls, suitable table decorations and simply “a skilful style”. Despite all the tips, Zehre has already experienced the exact opposite on his travels: He still raves about the top restaurant “Sushi Saito” in Tokyo, the entrance of which he would probably not have entered without a recommendation: the luxury restaurant, which was awarded three stars by the Michelin Guide – one of the best in the world – is behind a boring glass door in the dreary, gray driveway of an underground car park. The menu, on the other hand, was “downright fabulous perfectionist” for him. That is “pure contrast – typically Asian and definitely recommended!”

Such a sharp contrast is rare in Germany. Most restaurants with very good cuisine could also be seen from the outside. This also applies to the neighboring countries: “In Europe, a style that is not too playful and not very kitsch has established itself in well-run businesses.” So good design and a neat menu are a good start. But Dirk Zehren also knows: Exceptions prove the rule. You can also read our tips for spotting a good restaurant in the photo show.

As a seller of gingerbread hearts at the Oktoberfest, the actress Brigitte Hobmeier also got to know the downsides of the huge folk festival. “Of course you will arrive, flirted with peers and everyone thinks that if you work there, you feel like it. And the more the alcohol level rises, the more brutal and brutal the whole thing becomes,” said the 44-year-old in an interview with the German press agency in Munich. “That was anything but funny and some of them stopped earlier.”

She was lucky because she was able to put on her mother’s dirndl. “Girls who didn’t have a dirndl got such short plastic lederhosen, there was a white hand on their backside,” recalled Hobmeier, who had worked at the Oktoberfest while studying acting. An important experience: “It was decisive to get to know the other side of this bacchanalian festival and to experience how you are seen as a commodity, as a product,” she said. “Since then, I’ve been going there every year and buying a heart from the first sweetheart I see.”

For the ARD series “Oktoberfest 1900” Hobmeier slipped into the role of a beer girl, a kind of assistant waitress. The six episodes can be seen in the ARD media library and from Monday (September 15) at 8:15 p.m. on the first. Other roles include Mišel Matičević, Martina Gedeck, Maximilian Brückner and Martin Feifel.

Mišel Matičević (50), who plays the over-ambitious brewer Curt Prank in the new ARD series “Oktoberfest 1900”, has never been to the Oktoberfest in his own words.

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