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As soon as the little ones turn blue, there is an acute risk of suffocation. In addition, the lack of oxygen can permanently damage the brain. Infants and babies should therefore always be admitted to a hospital with whooping cough: there, among other things, the mucus is sucked out, which the offspring cannot cough up on their own, and a ventilator is used in an emergency. The disease is also treated with antibiotics.

Vaccination protection does not offer one hundred percent security

Carl-Heinz Wirsing von König, Professor of Microbiology, also emphasizes in the magazine “Focus” that “the disease is often worse” in infants than in older children. “You can get pneumonia and a change in the brain that causes convulsions, similar to epileptic seizures.”

You should therefore protect your offspring as much as possible, for example with the so-called six-fold basic vaccination in the first months of life. However, the vaccination only starts after the third vaccination, which takes place at the end of the fourth month of life, warns Dr. Bruns.

Also through the so-called "Nest protection" Babies are not protected from whooping cough, according to the German Green Cross. In the case of other infectious diseases such as measles or rubella, the antibodies that the mother carries are passed on to the baby and continue to work after the birth. This protection does not work with whooping cough, which is why newborns are particularly at risk.

Avoid whooping cough in babies and infants

In order to avoid whooping cough in babies and infants, adults and adolescents should also get vaccinated in the immediate vicinity of the little ones, including grandparents, siblings and babysitters.

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Because a vaccination against whooping cough only lasts ten years and has to be refreshed – even if a whooping cough disease is already over, the immunity only lasts a decade. Mothers are best vaccinated three months before or immediately after giving birth. Although vaccinated people can also carry the bacteria, the risk of transmission is considerably reduced.

The whooping cough vaccination has had a bad reputation for a long time. Meanwhile, however, experts recommend the so-called vaccination and a timely refreshment – also for young people and adults. Find out more about protection against pertussis here.

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A whooping cough vaccination lowers the risk of spreading it

Pertussis is an extremely protracted disease. Andreas Hellmann, pulmonologist from the Federal Association of Pulmonologists (BdP), explains in the official capital city portal “berlin.de”: “It is also called a 100-day cough, but it can last for up to six months.” Effective protection the infectious disease only offers an appropriate vaccination. The whooping cough vaccination not only reduces the likelihood of illness in the vaccinated patients, but also reduces the spread, adds Hellmann.

A vaccination is usually carried out in several steps, as recommended by a doctor, from infancy. Children aged two to four months receive their first three vaccinations. The fourth vaccination takes place at eleven to fourteen months. Children between the ages of five and six and between the ages of nine and seventeen each receive a booster vaccination.https://123helpme.me/argumentative-essay/

However, even a whooping cough vaccination does not promise 100% protection against the disease. Immunity only lasts for a few years, which is why both people who have already had whooping cough and vaccinated people can become infected again.

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Bad reputation for whooping cough vaccination

The whooping cough vaccination was compulsory in Germany until 1974. The protection against pertussis was sometimes not as well tolerated as other vaccinations. “There was often vaccination fever, and there was suspicion that neurological damage could occur, although it could never be proven,” explains epidemiologist Wiebke Hellenbrand on “berlin.de”. As a result, the vaccination recommendation was withdrawn in West Germany. The substances that are used today against pertussis, however, are better tolerated.

Whooping cough in children manifests itself in three characteristic stages of the disease. The staccato-like cough only occurs in the second phase. You can learn more about the symptoms of pertussis here.

Typical teething problems: this is how you recognize them
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First symptoms of pertussis

Whooping cough in children often only shows up seven to 20 days after infection, explains the health magazine “Apotheken Umschau”. In this phase the symptoms of pertussis are still atypical, but the risk of infection is high – this period is also known as the incubation period. In the catarrhal stage, the technical term for the initial phase, affected children suffer from colds and colds with a slightly elevated temperature. Sick people cough a little and feel exhausted and tired.

Whooping cough in children: Second phase with staccato cough

The second phase of pertussis is called the convulsive stage and lasts around four to six weeks. In those affected, the fever initially subsides, instead violent, convulsive coughing fits begin, which often occur at night. These attacks are also known as staccato cough, explains the “Apotheken Umschau”. Characteristic for this are several dry bumps in which the sick almost threaten to suffocate. Often the face turns red to bluish, and finally whistling and wheezing noises can be heard when inhaling.

Whooping cough in children is very debilitating at this stage. Sick people often suffer from a series of coughing attacks in which they gag thick mucus or even vomit. It is not uncommon for additional bulging pain, sore muscles and headaches to occur due to the great exertion.

The final stage of whooping cough

Eventually, the strength and frequency of the coughing attacks subside in the final phase, the decrement stage. This section usually lasts two to four weeks. However, the illness phase lasts four to six weeks if it is not treated.

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Risk of infection for babies

While whooping cough often takes a typical course in children, pertussis in adolescents and adults often only manifests itself as a cough that lasts for weeks, similar to bronchitis. A clear diagnosis is not always made immediately. If these age groups have contact with babies during the illness, pertussis can be transmitted. This situation is very dangerous: Whooping cough in babies can be life-threatening, warns the “Elternwissen.de” portal.

You can relieve coughs in children with a few simple means. Find out here tip by tip how you can treat your child yourself at home and put an end to the excruciating cough quickly.

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How a cough is expressed in children

As a rule, coughing is a useful reflex in children: coughing expels particles and mucus from the body and clears the airways. In most cases, it is caused by inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and has two phases: first as a dry cough and then as a cough with phlegm.

Tip # 1: drink a lot

The most important tip pediatricians give when children have a cough is plenty of fluids. If the body is well supplied with fluids, the mucus in the airways can loosen more easily and the cough is soon over. Still water and cough tea are best for this. Tea with honey is also anti-inflammatory, but should only be given to children over a year old. Honey can be unhealthy for babies due to the bacteria it contains.

Tip # 2: inhale

Inhalation can relieve coughs in children at any stage. Because it moisturizes the airways, it soothes dry coughs. In addition, the mucus in the airways is loosened by the hot water vapor. Inhaling is only allowed for children from the age of four and only with pure water vapor, according to the pharmacy magazine "Baby and family". You should also be sure to monitor the process.

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Tip no. 3: use the healing powers of nature

Medicinal herbs as home remedies have properties that can provide relief from certain ailments. Marshmallow has a calming effect on the mucous membranes and inhibits inflammation in the pharynx – making the medicinal plant ideal for treating dry coughs in children. Thyme, anise and ivy have an expectorant effect, which makes it easier to cough up. The medicinal herbs can be used either in the form of cough tea or as lozenges.

Adults should have their tetanus vaccination boosted about every ten years. Those who postpone the re-vaccination for too long run an increased risk of being infected with life-threatening pathogens.


Primary vaccination booster vaccination reactions and side effects

Tetanus vaccination in adults: basic vaccination

Usually, vaccination protection against tetanus is built up in childhood. Between the first months of life and the seventeenth year of life, children are vaccinated against tetanus multiple times in order to guarantee basic immunization and the first booster.

Tetanus booster is often not taken seriously

However, many forget that afterwards a further vaccination is necessary every ten years in order to maintain the vaccination protection. This refreshment is often forgotten by adults who have received all the recommended vaccinations as children and thus feel safe, explains Wolfgang Wesiack, President of the Professional Association of German Internists (BDI).

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Note: The booster vaccination should be given every 10 years in adulthood.

The booster procedure is very simple because, in contrast to the basic vaccination, only a single injection is required for the new vaccination. Adults are usually given the opportunity to refresh their diphtheria and whooping cough vaccinations as well. You will be given a triple combination vaccine with one syringe. If you are not sure how long ago you had your last tetanus vaccination, you should take a look at your vaccination record and, if necessary, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

By the way: Having overcome tetanus does not protect against re-infection, which is why the vaccination should be refreshed regularly in this case too.

Possible vaccination reactions and side effects

The vaccination is usually well tolerated. Very often pain-sensitive redness or swelling occurs at the injection site, but this is not of any further concern.

Vaccination reactions that can occur within three days of vaccination include:

increased temperature chilliness fatigue muscle pain gastrointestinal discomfort

After three days, however, such vaccine reactions usually subside.

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In general, side effects with vaccination against tetanus are rare. For example, allergic reactions were only observed in less than 1 in 1,000 people vaccinated, reports the "Federal Center for Health Education" (BZgA). Occasional paralysis, exhaustion, over-excitability or progressive failures occurred. The vaccine responses may be slightly different depending on the vaccine combination used, but they differ only slightly.

Sources used: bzga.debdi.de

Quark compresses for coughs can provide relief from a nagging cold. You can find out how to make the home remedy for coughs and which other compresses will also help you recover here.

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Make quark wraps against coughs yourself: Here’s how

Persistent coughs that accompany excruciating coughing attacks can be treated with curd compresses. All you need for the tried and tested home remedy for coughs is low-fat quark and a tea towel. Open the tea towel and spread low-fat quark on the center of the tea towel. The quark area should be roughly the size of the breast.

Then fold the free ends over the quark and warm the wrap to room temperature. The quark wrap for coughs is placed on the chest and should remain on the body for several hours or overnight.

Lemon wrap as a home remedy for coughs

Instead of a quark wrap against coughs, you can also use a lemon wrap against coughs.

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