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Kravtsov himself advised graduates to never give up and go ahead

The head of Rosobrnadzor recalled that this is precisely why such types of work exist: they help to control knowledge, see shortcomings and correct them.

“Knowledge gaps are like a snowball. If they are not seen in time, then it will be difficult to fix them by the 9th grade, ”he said. 

Kravtsov explained that the results of the VLOOKUP will not affect the final grades, but they will be good training for future USE participants. The more often the guys will participate in the same checks, the more calmly they will approach the final certification. 

The lesson also discussed that it is important to study all subjects – not only those that will be needed for final exams, about various professions, about learning foreign languages, about knowledge of the history of your country and interesting specialties. 

The guys also gave advice to schoolchildren who will take the Unified State Exam in the near future: they wished them not to worry about this “step into adulthood” and to believe in themselves. 

Kravtsov himself advised graduates to never give up and go forward. 

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University R.E. Alekseeva, in the year of his 100th birthday, became the winner of the competitive selection of programs for the development of the activities of student associations.

For the fourth time, NSTU won this competition, which is traditionally held by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. The editorial staff of the portal “Russian Education” talked with the vice-rector for extracurricular activities of NSTU named after R.Ye. Alekseeva Viktor Mogutnov and learned what they live today, students of the Polytechnic University are interested.

“This year our university is 100 years old, therefore, when we were developing the program for the development of student associations, which we submitted for the competition, the anniversary youth events were given a central place,” he stressed.

The jubilee events will be held under the motto “Development of the traditions of student organizations of Nizhny Novgorod polytechnics in the year of the 100th anniversary of the NSTU. R.E. Alekseeva “. The Vice-Rector explained that the program includes scientific, patriotic, social, cultural and sports events that will fully reveal the traditions of students, as if building a bridge between the past and the present.

“If we talk about science, then in May NSTU named after R.E. Alekseeva, together with the agency Rosmolodezh, will hold a large All-Russian engineering festival “I am a designer!” It will gather teams of student design bureaus from all over the country, ”V. Mogutnov said. 

The festival will host an international youth scientific and practical conference “The Future of Technical Science”, a solar regatta, competitions for unmanned aerial vehicles and cars.

The cultural and creative sections of the program include KVN festivals, freshman competitions, a competition for the best student group, the best headman and many others. 

A special place in the Nizhny Novgorod Polytechnic is given to the historical and patriotic education of youth.

“We have a big project“ History, traditions of NSTU – our constant life reference ”. Here, our students participate in patriotic work, cooperating with the Council of Veterans, a patriotic club, ”added the vice-rector.

“For many years the university has been holding an international student track and field run dedicated to the Victory Day, on the route Minsk – Nizhny Novgorod-Izhevsk.” Together with the citizens of Nizhny Novgorod, students of the Belarusian National Technical University, Izhevsk State Technical University named after M. Kalashnikov are participating in it, V. Mogutnov explained.

It should be noted that the center of the volunteer movement “Good Will of Polytechnics” also operates at NSTU. 

“In the volunteer center, the guys are is gatspy a tragic hero essay engaged in social projects. Each student organization has sponsored orphanages and boarding schools. Student construction teams go to rural areas, help to repair houses of culture, houses of veterans. This is an important area of ​​social design as well, ”says the vice-rector for extracurricular activities at NSTU.

The university has not only preserved, but also developed the traditions of student teams: construction, pedagogical, guides, law and order. The university headquarters of student teams is actively working.

The construction teams of NSTU have been working on the construction of the Rostov and Belarusian nuclear power plants for several years.

“At the Belarusian nuclear power plant our unit was recognized as the best unit of Rosatom. Two students worked in India and China on the construction of nuclear power plants, ”the vice-rector said.

The university actively cooperates with state corporations, and one of the results of such cooperation is the festival of friendship between enterprises in the region of the State Corporation Rosatom and NSTU named after R.E. Alekseev, which has been taking place for over 10 years.

“The guys actively participate in the events, and this year they feel a special responsibility. Our task is to create conditions for their development as an individual, to help their civic self-determination and self-realization, to maximally satisfy the needs for intellectual, cultural and moral education “”, – Viktor Petrovich Mogutnov concluded his story. 

The results of underwater archaeological expeditions from year to year prove that no less interesting finds await researchers on the seabed than on land. 

And here’s what is surprising: until recently, only two “land-based universities” in Moscow and Voronezh trained such specialists, while in Crimea, the region where Russian underwater archeology was born, there were no corresponding training courses. Today the situation is changing: KFU im. IN AND. Vernadsky signed an agreement on cooperation with the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Black Sea Center for Underwater Research”, and in the near future the students of the Faculty of History of the Taurida Academy will be able to start studying the variable course of underwater archeology.

“We are ready to write a work program for a special course on underwater archeology,” the Rossiyskaya Gazeta quotes the words of Viktor Vakhoneev, deputy director of the Black Sea Center for Underwater Research, Deputy Director of the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. – For now, this is a sixteen-hour variable preparatory course, but if it finds a response from students, we will ask that in the future this course be included in the main undergraduate training program. Well, and someday open a separate direction in the magistracy ”.

While the training course has not yet been prepared, students will be able to practice in the ancient settlement of Akra: the depths there are shallow, so even beginners will be ready to start working. 

“Underwater archeology is actually a very complicated, laborious and expensive process, much more expensive than excavation on land,” says Igor Spivak, deputy dean of the history department of the Taurida Academy of KFU. “We would like the specialists to introduce our students to the scientific methodology of underwater archeology, because many people still associate this area with treasure hunting, not science. Although in reality it is not. “

The Black Sea Underwater Research Center has existed for only four years, but each field season brings new discoveries. The legendary steamer “Vesta”, the ancient city of Akra, nicknamed the Crimean Atlantis, the submarine “Shch-216” during the Great Patriotic War – these are just the most famous objects where underwater archaeologists of Crimea have worked in recent years. Many of the finds became, if not a scientific sensation, then at least opened the pages of a relatively recent history, sometimes undeservedly erased in the memory of contemporaries. 

Underwater archaeologists have been working on the excavations of the ancient settlement of Akra, which is about 2.5 thousand years old, for six seasons, and during this time they have made many discoveries. 

Most of Acre has been at the bottom of the Kerch Strait for about 1000 years. But it was thanks to this that finds were made there, the preservation of which on land would have been impossible. Researchers found oak beams that served as the foundation of a defensive tower, and a wooden ridge about 2 thousand years old. 

Sometimes artifacts of a find are found in the most seemingly unexpected places. So, during the reconstruction of the embankment in Evpatoria, historians found a whole cemetery of ships at a depth of only 3-4 meters, where hundreds of vacationers swim. 

Currently, 36 objects of underwater cultural heritage have been certified off the coast of Crimea, according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. This is a record number of monuments on the seabed in the Russian Federation. However, there are many more monuments not included in the register. Experts have discovered and known about the location of about 200 more objects. In total, only in the 19th and first half of the 20th century, before the end of the Great Patriotic War, at least 2 thousand ships sank off the coast of Crimea.

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