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yonyou NC construction solution

Support your life-cycle construction project Management


yonyou construction management solution assists you in lower operation cost, shorter project life cycle and higher quality project delivery.

yonyou PMS

To support your life-cycle project management

Contract Management

yonyou construction management solution focused on the signing and execution process on all types of contracts. It is closely linked to the bidding and tendering processes, supplier management and variation order management. It also helps manage contract payment and collection which provides the visibility for enterprise to grasp the cash flow situation.

Material Management

yonyou construction management solution link material procurement plans by QS estimation; to determine the actual purchase orders through the correlation between procurement plan (in both group level and project level) with project progress; to determine material usage based on purchase orders and material in/out of storage and on-site management. Construction firms must have the visibility to the materials plan and actual materials usage.

Project Progress Management

Project Progress is a key activity of project management to project manager, issues regular progress reporting against budget, schedule and scope. yonyou construction management solution provides multi-dimensional project progress management system – It realizes project progress management through the professional line management, overall project milestone management, and set up time node with every project level.

Safety Management

Safety is the key issue for construction project. yonyou construction management solution provides a mobile safety management method. Safety training materials and safety standards can be stored in the phone for referencing anytime, anywhere. Changes of regulation will be automatically updated in the system and alerted to individual worker. Daily site report and incident report (even with picture) can be furnished in the smartphone and automatically send to manager for next instruction. Workflow can be designed based on management requirement. All project-related documents are properly archived for easily track and trace in the future.

Document Management

yonyou construction management solution enable you to track and trace your data much more efficiently, reducing error rate significantly. It allows you to create any form in the system based on your customised requirement by your own without coding skills required. With mobile app, forms can be filled up on site and automatically synchronised to back-end system for proper record.

yonyou On-site Management

Support your management On-Site

Integration with Finance & Human Resource

Seamless integration with back-end office to provide all round management

Human Resource Management

yonyou construction management solution consolidates HR processes into a common global platform to unify manpower data, streamline processes and meet compliance with deep industry functionalities on Core HR, Payroll, Employee & Workers Management, Time & Attendance and Workforce Planning.

Financial Management

yonyou construction management solution allows historical as well as forward-looking visibility into both financial and operational performance often leading to higher profit margin for construction firms. Robust finance processes and functionalities in Accounting, Fixed Assets, Cash Management, Budgeting and Enterprise Financial Reporting allowing people to work together more efficiently and utilize data insights to make critical financial decision.

Reporting and Analysis

Project Reporting and Analysis help construction firms manage cash flow with close management of the entire collection process – from invoice billing to payment tying with project work done. In addition to standard reporting functionalities, yonyou construction management solution provides you presentable data through our visualization data tool. Embedded table and charts enable you to easily create a visualised report without coding skills.

“After the system’s live run, the sales consultant has continued to follow up with post live run implementation to understand our experience using the system and is flexible to accommodate our requests, in terms of software upgrades. The project executive who helped us in the final implementation and post-implementation stage is very patient with the users and has also been following up closely with us till now. ”


“It eliminates the tedious manual process of recording our worker’s attendance and time spent on each project through implementation of e-Timecard Scanning System. This single entry update both the Project Cost and Payroll calculation and has proven to improve our productivity.”


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