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His death leaves the whole league in mourning.

Uncertainties and imponderables prevail, no spectators are allowed into the halls at least until the end of the month, most recently there have been a series of game cancellations in the cup due to corona cases in the teams. Many question marks remain. At least from a financial point of view, the prospects have improved.

The bureaucratic process in terms of state aid is proceeding “” with great caution “”, as Holz emphasizes, “” relatively smoothly “”. The league boss is exercising restraint: “” You will be billed at the end. “” Each club can receive up to 800,000 euros from the sports package. “” I would guess that ten to twelve million euros will come into the league, “” says Holz. Since viewer income is normally around 25 million, “” 50 percent would be reimbursed. You can look at it from below or above – half full or half empty. “” And that’s not all.

Empty halls not only mean empty pockets because of the tickets, merchandising or local sponsoring are also eliminated. “Ultimately, sales of 40 to 50 million depend on the audience,” says Holz. The one-time payment is important, but not enough. Holz hopes that the measure over the 31.

December is extended beyond. This is “” absolutely necessary “”. With an “” appropriate return of the audience “”, the current state funds from the 200 million package and possible additional aid “” it could somehow work out, “” says the managing director. But there was also bad news: Two for Games scheduled for the first matchday had to be canceled after corona cases. The game between the Giessen 46ers and the MBC from Weißenfels turns out just like the match between medi Bayreuth and the Telekom Baskets Bonn. It has not yet been decided when the games will be rescheduled; regular testing and waiting for the results are part of everyday life at the clubs – and it’s challenging. “” We don’t know whether we can play until the match day, “” said Steffen Herhold, managing director of the newly promoted Niners Chemnitz, the MDR: “” Another problem is: In these pandemic times, economic stability is unclear.

It’s like driving in fog at 200 kilometers an hour. “” Wood feels anticipation despite all worries. It is a shame that the pandemic is overshadowing everything, we have a great season ahead of us. We just want the ball to fly through the basket again. We just want to talk about sport again. “” And it could be interesting from a sporting point of view. After the dream year with a cup win and championship title, Alba Berlin is once again one of the title favorites, but has had difficult weeks.

There were seven corona cases in the team, because of the quarantine, the double winner could not play for a good three weeks. As there is a lot to catch up on, including in the Euroleague, the club is facing challenging weeks.biology paper writing service Bayern Munich with new coach Andrea Trinchieri and runner-up MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg can be dangerous for the team of successful coach Aito Garcia Reneses. For Marco Baldi, the title race “” is more open than ever. And I wouldn’t single out anybody, neither us nor Bavaria, “” said the Alba managing director. Source: ntv.de, Uli Schember, sid “Let’s start Saturday with good news: Congratulations, Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird ! The two got engaged.

Basketball professional Bird posted a photo of her partner and himself on Instagram. This shows how the national soccer player kneels and Bird puts on a ring. The two met during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The two are extremely successful in their sports. Bird has already won gold four times with the US national team at the Olympic Games, and the world championship title just as often.

Rapinoe is also an Olympic and two-time world champion. Source: ntv.de “The ban on spectators at all games until at least the end of November also hits the Bundesliga basketball team hard.” “Basketball cannot exist in the long run without viewing income,” “said Marvin Willoughby, managing director of Hamburg Towers. Even Bayern Munich would have problems if the exclusion of spectators due to the pandemic were valid for the entire season. “” FC Bayern Basketball will not be able to get through a full season without spectators, as we are already reaching our financial limits, “said Bayern CEO Marko Pesic.

First of all, ghost games are only required until the end of November in the season that begins on Friday with the Ludwigsburg versus Göttingen encounter. How it will continue after that is still open. The question is how long the 18 first division clubs can actually do without ticket income. “” We will hold out three or four ghost games, that is to say until the end of the year, “said Bamberg’s managing director Philipp Galewski. Source: ntv.de” News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of basketball cup defender Skyliners Frankfurt and record winner TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen experienced nasty surprises at the “” Top 4 “” final tournament for the German Basketball Cup in Frankfurt. Cup defender Skyliners Frankfurt and record winner TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen experienced nasty surprises at the “” Top 4 “” final tournament for the German Basketball Cup in Frankfurt. “The BBL’s schedules come under pressure early in the season. (Photo: imago images / HMB-Media) After Alba Berlin, there are now positive corona tests for other teams in the basketball Bundesliga. The fact that the entire teams have to be in quarantine not only messes up the schedule.

The league is angry and criticizes the action of the health authorities. New corona cases increase the scheduling problems in the basketball Bundesliga, the orders of the health authorities cause trouble among those responsible. After positive tests at two clubs this weekend and the cancellation of further cup games, BBL managing director Stefan Holz clearly criticized the decision to quarantine the entire team. “In both cases, from the point of view of our hygiene board, it would have been absolutely responsible to only isolate the infected and let the games take place,” said Holz of the German press agency. According to the league experts, both teams were not infectious. Because of a positive test with a player from Telekom Baskets Bonn and two positive tests in the team and in the vicinity at medi Bayreuth, the health authorities ordered the teams to be completely quarantined.

The games of both teams in the cup had to be canceled at the weekend. “” It is disproportionate if we have an infection in the extended team with a low viral load and an entire team of 20 people is locked away for two weeks. From our point of view, this is not necessary. If that becomes the rule, it will definitely no longer work, “said Holz. “” So our hygiene concepts, for which we have received a lot of praise from politicians and authorities, are taken ad absurdum. “” This week the league wants to discuss how to proceed.

After six corona cases at Alba Berlin, the three games of the capital club in the cup could not take place. “” The Alba Berlin case was completely different, we stopped the game as a precaution because there was a higher degree of infection, “said Holz. In the past few days, the MHP Giants Ludwigsburg had temporarily gone into quarantine at home because of an abnormality in a test result. Since the suspected case was not confirmed, the runner-up was able to train again on Thursday. It was a preliminary result that “” should never have been reported as positive, “said the second chairman, Markus Buchmann, at Magentasport. “” We are happy that we got away with a black eye. “” Newcomer Niners Chemnitz is also in quarantine, but does not take part in the trophy.

The final round in Munich, originally planned for the beginning of November, had to be postponed beforehand. Six qualifying games now have to be rescheduled – a major challenge in view of the tight schedule, especially for Euroleague participant Alba Berlin. Before the start of the match, BBL boss Holz had declared that there would be “” impacts “”. “” It didn’t have to be at the beginning and in this amount, “” he said now. “” Everything is still feasible, we are very early in the season and the season is long. But it’s difficult. “” The winners of two of the four regional tournaments will not be determined this weekend as planned.

With the BG Göttingen and ratiopharm Ulm, two teams have already qualified for the top four. Ulm benefited from the 99:72 victory of MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg against Brose Bamberg. This result led to a three-way comparison, which Ulm won. Göttingen crowned a flawless preliminary round record with a 123: 119 win after extra time against the JobStairs Gießen 46ers.Bayern Munich won clearly against the Syntainics MBC Weißenfels (97:60) on Sunday and can now hope again. In order to make it to the finals, the team of coach Andrea Trinchieri is dependent on the competition.

Even with another success on Monday against Hakro Merlins Crailsheim, medi Bayreuth should not win a game. Alternatively, Munich would also progress if Bayreuth wins against Crailsheim, but Bayern should do better thanks to another high victory in a three-way comparison with MBC and Bayreuth. Source: ntv.de, Florian Lütticke, dpa “She will be missing: Satou Sabally. (Photo: imago images / Icon SMI) WNBA player Satou Sabally is missing from the German national basketball team for the upcoming tasks in the European Championship qualification. The 22-year-old, who played for the Turkish club Fenerbahce during the break in the US professional league Istanbul is playing, cannot participate for health reasons, announced the German Basketball Federation (DBB).

Source: ntv.de “The provisional quarantine issued by the health department for the players and coaches of the Bundesliga basketball team Telekom Baskets Bonn has been lifted. One player tested weakly positive for the corona virus on Saturday. Two subsequent tests were negative, according to the club Results. As a catch-up date for the cup game against the Basketball Löwen Braunschweig, which was canceled last Sunday, the coming Sunday (6:00 pm) has been set. Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of basketball After Alba Berlin, there are now positive corona tests for other teams in the basketball Bundesliga. The fact that the entire teams have to be in quarantine not only upsets the schedule. The league is angry and criticizes the actions of the health authorities. In the Euroleague, the basketball players from Munich jump to the top of the table. However, Bayern are having a hard time against Olympiacos.

August 1st, anti-corona demo in Berlin. Right in the middle: the athlete Alexandra Wester and the basketball player Joshiko Saibou. Her appearance and her comments on social networks are highly controversial. Now the sports couple faces an uncertain future – despite their big goals.

Instead of the European Cup, Alba Berlin is first in quarantine. Six players have been infected with the corona virus, the next games have been postponed until further notice. The pandemic is not only causing unrest in basketball, handball and football are also affected.

And worries grow. Two away games for title favorites and two surprise German clubs: In the basketball Euroleague, champions Alba Berlin and runner-up FC Bayern win sensationally. The people of Munich get off to a miserable start, while the people of the capital achieve a redemption.

After the next masterpiece by LeBron James, comparisons with the legendary Michael Jordan become more and more important. Basketball expert André Voigt explains how he sees James compared to Jordan, why the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is still so strong. The numbers of new corona infections are skyrocketing in Germany and threaten the sport’s plans to let more spectators into the halls again. The fear of a second lockdown is growing.

The handball players meanwhile rule out a “masked ball” like in Spain. With the Los Angeles Lakers title win, an unprecedented season in North America’s NBA basketball league comes to an end. It was a season full of questions, messages, uncertainty – and one in which basketball was absolutely unimportant in between.

By Heiko Oldkörper, Boston The Los Angeles Lakers did it: In the sixth game of the NBA Finals, LeBron James’ team dominated the Miami Heat from the first minute. No other team has more titles than the Lakers – and the superstar also has another record. “The main thing is ice hockey. (Photo: imago images / DeFodi) The German Ice Hockey League (DEL) is thinking of a game model for the new season with 52 main round match days without play-offs. “” That is a possibility. But we are totally flexible and have 1000 options, “” said managing director Gernot Tripcke to the magazine “” Eishockey News “”. Should this idea prevail and the playing time actually started on December 18 as planned, it would end on May 7, 2021. “” When we go into a season, we all want to keep playing as long as possible, “” said Tripcke.

The DEL has already postponed its start twice. Other models provide fewer main round games, in which case play-offs would be possible. A division of the league into a north and south group is apparently a game of thought. This is intended to reduce accommodation costs and the risk of infection associated with travel. Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of basketball With his first assignment in 2020, Vince Carter made basketball history.

The 42-year-old is the first athlete to play in the NBA in four different decades. Because Carter succeeds in something that many superstars fail. By Torben Siemer From 1984 to 2014 David Stern was in charge of the NBA. He becomes the face of the US basketball organization and contributes significantly to the exorbitant economic success of the professional league, with “” attention to detail and hard work “”.

Now he dies at the age of 77. His death leaves the whole league in mourning. Dirk Nowitzki has been a constant for basketball fans for decades – the end of his career in April was a turning point.

But the legend of the Dallas Mavericks ensures highlights even without the ball in hand. And the man with a battered body can only be allowed to live after professional sport.

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